Joshua Tree, another watercolor

Joshua Tree Again, Lavina Blossom, 11×15 watercolor

I painted this from a photo I took when we last visited Joshua Tree National Park.  It is now on Daily Paintworks.  If interested in purchasing through PayPal, click here.

I have been experimenting with collage and taking classes in mixed media.  And I have one more Life Drawing class before we have a 2 month break.  I also will start teaching a group of seniors in an Alzheimer’s facility this week.  I am looking forward to seeing how that goes.  I know that making art enriches  cognitive abilities.  And I enjoy encouraging seniors (myself included!) to make more art.  I wish I had been able to paint with Mom more when she was losing her memory.

Although I am not “finishing” as many pieces lately, I am feeling good about the direction I’m moving.  For me, practice and process matter most, and enjoying the journey.

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Bee on Ice Plant

Bee on Ice Plant. Lavina Blossom. 6×6 in. acrylic on canvas panel

The ice plant near the front of our house begins to bloom each April.  I am looking forward to the lovely color and the visit of bees next month.  Unfortunately, there are fewer bees among the flowers each year.  That may be due to several causes, but neonicotinoids (which go by several chemical names) in insecticides, as well as herbicides like Roundup, are heavily contributing to the die-off.  Please please, if you must eradicate weeds or insect pests, investigate and use products that are not harmful to beneficial insects.

On the more personal side, for the past few months I have been attending a life drawing class and meeting once a week with a friend for an oil painting class.  I also took a six-week watercolor class that just ended. Whew!  Sometimes all the good things come available at once!

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New Paintings added to Daily Paintworks

Below are a few florals.  These are available on my Daily Paint Works page.  I can’t consistently finish a painting each and every day–yet I thank Carol Marine and others for this challenge.  I do try to work on one painting or more every day, if possible.  When it isn’t possible, I am not so happy at the end of the day.

Orange Rose, Lavina Blossom. 6×6 acrylic

Marilija, Lavina Blossom. watercolor, 10×10 inches

Yellow Blooms, Lavina Blossom. watercolor, 11×11 inches



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Joshua Tree #1, acrylic landscape

Joshua Tree #1, Lavina Blossom, acrylic, 10×8 in

Available through Daily Paintworks.

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Drapery (of succulents), acrylic, 6×6 inches

Drapery, Lavina Blossom, acrylic on 6×6 in. panel

Just posted this on Daily Paintworks.


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