African Violets repainted

African Violets, 10×8 inches, acrylic on canvas panel

I painted this on top of a very stark graphic painting of the same subject.  I used more imagination in this one.  I had used an application on my iPad to manipulate the photo I used as the source for the earlier painting and felt I had copied the altered image too closely.  I am more satisfied with this because it is much more my own in terms of color choices and overall expression.

I have African Violets in the bay window of our kitchen (3 pots of them, the plants continually blooming and multiplying!).  Mine are actually dark purple, but a lighter color works better here, I think.

I decorated the pot years ago with beads and bits of glass and mirror shards.

If interested in purchasing it, you can do so here.  I just posted it on Daily Paintworks

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