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Recent Landscapes / Trees

I was shocked when I realized how long it had been since my last post.  I thought…maybe a month or two–but over four…?  Well, time to do some catching up.  Here are a few of the paintings I finished recently … Continue reading

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Bee on Yellow Flower, Watercolor

Bees are a favorite subjects.  They are dwindling rapidly in numbers, and this does not bode well for farmers who need bees to pollinate crops.  There are a number of causes for the die-off, but the one that the U.S. … Continue reading

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African Violets repainted

I painted this on top of a very stark graphic painting of the same subject.  I used more imagination in this one.  I had used an application on my iPad to manipulate the photo I used as the source for … Continue reading

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Blue Barn, acrylic

I took an image from Google Street View (in Ireland), and simplified it, leaving out a tall pole, a gate and a lot of bushes (or we would call it “brush” when I was growing up in Michigan).  The barn … Continue reading

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Small Grid Abstracts

I recently watched (again) a video by Jane Davies in which she adds more paint to partially decorated collage papers (papers she used for lifting paint when working on other pieces).  She then arranges some of her decorated papers under … Continue reading

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