Mixed Media Collage: Facing Away

Facing Away, Lavina Blossom, 7×5 in. mixed media

Finally finished–after weeks and weeks of feeling this needed more.  The bit of magazine paper (silhouette of a face) was the last touch.

Do you worry about using small cutouts from magazines?  I am not concerned, since I don’t sell copies, only a single original, and parts of magazines and newspapers have been used in collage since the beginning of the twentieth century, incorporated into works by many artists.  Hannah Höch and Romare Beardsley are two that I admire most, but there are many many others.

Questions:  Are you interested in sharing a drawing a week.  I noticed today that Judith Bergerson has been doing this with a couple artists friends for 3 years now. The idea, as I understand it, is to draw whatever you like, one drawing each week, just for the love of drawing, and post or otherwise share your piece.  I love Judith Bergerson’s drawings (and paintings!) and feel inspired, but I would definitely be more likely to commit to this challenge if I had an art partner to share with.  Want to join me?  If so, please comment.  If you don’t hear from me right away, it will be because I didn’t receive your message (I think my spam guard may work a little too diligently).  If you do not get an answer, please find me on face book and message me.

Oh, and if interested in purchasing this piece, you can do so here, through Daily Paintworks.



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Pieces Currently in Galleries

I have 3 pieces in the current Southern California Collage Society’s show at the Chaffey Community Museum of Art in Upland.  And I have one piece (also collage/mixed media) in the Riverside Community Art Association’s members exhibit.

These are at the Chaffey:

Browsing, by Lavina Blossom, mixed media, 11×15 in.

Lull, by Lavina Blossom, mixed media

Sway, by Lavina Blossom, mixed media
















This one is at RCAA:

Light Side, by Lavina Blossom, mixed media

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Trees by Blue Wall

Trees by Blue Wall, Lavina Blossom, watercolor, 7×5 in.

Just added this to Daily Paintworks.  It can be purchased here.

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Colorful Cacti (watercolor)

I painted this a few days ago. It is posted on Daily Paint Works, and can be purchased here.

Colorful Succulent, 7×5 in. watercolor by Lavina Blossom

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Joshua Tree, another watercolor

Joshua Tree Again, Lavina Blossom, 11×15 watercolor

I painted this from a photo I took when we last visited Joshua Tree National Park.  It is now on Daily Paintworks.  If interested in purchasing through PayPal, click here.

I have been experimenting with collage and taking classes in mixed media.  And I have one more Life Drawing class before we have a 2 month break.  I also will start teaching a group of seniors in an Alzheimer’s facility this week.  I am looking forward to seeing how that goes.  I know that making art enriches  cognitive abilities.  And I enjoy encouraging seniors (myself included!) to make more art.  I wish I had been able to paint with Mom more when she was losing her memory.

Although I am not “finishing” as many pieces lately, I am feeling good about the direction I’m moving.  For me, practice and process matter most, and enjoying the journey.

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